a triptych on writing poetry:

A triptych on the process of writing poetry. Each example grapples with a difficulty in writing (and reading) poetry, and all at least engage with different philosophies that compose poetry. Each poem has more or less been influenced by Henryk Górecki's third symphony and the implications of its second movement, lento e lento.

Having a Shot with You

A pastiche of the wonderfully beautiful poem, 'Having a Coke with You' by Frank O'Hara. I am attempting to explore the Unheimlich feeling of Hara's philosophy of poetry being about a conversation between two people. Consequently, this poem disrupts the conversation into that of a monologue of a suicidal speaker. Displaying that of ego-death or the dissolution of self. However, not in the Freudian/Jungian sense, instead a late-capitalist/postmodern. Thus, attempting to ascribe a poetic connection between Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism concept and the current mental health crisis.