Bearing witness to the wake-differend’s of slavery.

How can one tell the story that can't be told, which must be told? M. NourbeSe Phillip's seminal poetry collection Zong! seeks to answer this pertinent question. Her answer through 'not telling'. This essay proposes a collation of the works of French philosopher Jean-Fran├žois Lyotard's The Differend with Christina Sharpe's In The Wake to bear witness to stories that cannot be told; by bearing witness to the wake-differend.

A Necropolitical analysis of the slave narratives of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs:

An essay exploring the nature of being at the margins in the slave narratives of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs. This essay explores the notion of the pushing of the slave subject's body to the margins of life; therefore, the subject is controlled through Achille Mbembe's notion of Necropolitics.